A complete application for dental clinic management


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Do you have a dental clinic, and need to keep track of your patients to manage your business and their health status? ordeNANDO is a medical management software program designed for any dentist who wants to have a solid digital record of his or her clients.

ordeNANDO provides a database of your patients, so you can keep track of many patients in different clinics, all using the same program. You can use the program to issue prescriptions, calculate budgets, and enter invoices. This tool will keep patients' data in a file that you can keep in the appointment calendar, with a link to the dental history of each patient.

The application is very useful for any dental clinic, since it allows you to keep track of a large number of people, without having to hire more personnel dedicated to managing appointments and patients.

In addition, ordeNANDO includes an completely customizable odontogram for both adults and children, with the option to choose from a color scale for each patient's treatment.

Trial version is limited to five clients.

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